A Different Start ....

I wanted to spend less time this year on music and gigs

I indeed wanted to complete my most important album to date, 'It Should Be You.'

Before long though, I was heading to Hamburg to catch-up with friends and see Tangerine Dream perform tracks from their 2017 album 'Quantum Gate'.

I was also visiting another rehearsal with Gary Numan in a venue that turned out to be a place I worked at back in the 1990's.

Just a few weeks later I went north to Birmingham to see Ulrich Schnauss, Wolfgang Flur & Ian Boddy play live on successive nights. I also managed to interview Ian Boddy for a '1Ear2Hear' podcast.

The amount of times I have turned up to an (IAm) Warface gig has also been numerous this year. At least 4 times. I love these guys and getting to introduce Hannah Clive on stage at the beginning of a Camden Rocks gig was certainly a great memory. They're always fun to be around, but seeing them at Matt's hometown in Brighton in May was a real blast!

Johnny Galaxy AKA Screamershock also released his new album and includes my 'Hammer Mix' of his fantastic track 'Zero'.

By March my album 'It Should Be You' was also finished and I started to get a feeling towards a follow-up video to 'Hammer Blows'.

I had three tracks in mind for a video and 'Umbilichord' became the favourite. After a night brainstorming the film with Nicolai Kornum the idea was born. I started the process of getting my cast and ended up changing my lead actress with Emma Dark within 2 weeks. There was a real buzz around making this video and the cast onboard were buoyant and excited right up the day of filming. This truly helps when you want to produce a quality product.

Two Days after filming 'Umbilichord' Tangerine Dream were in the UK for 2 nights playing at the Union Chapel. 2 brilliant nights whereby the audience capacity was brimming and the 2 very different shows were thoroughly enjoyed.

A day later I was back visiting Chris Watts on his Radio Show 'In the Moog' for 3 hours of fun and music. I value Chris Watts support immensely and if you still haven't had time to tune in to his shows, I strongly advise it. He really is a great guy and a great supporter to the industry and Independent artists.

I met up with friends again and got to see Ulrich Schnauss in May. A truly amazing night with Ulrich in fantastic form. I can only suggest that if you haven't seen Ulrich live, I strongly advise you do!

Next up was going to the Premiere of my 'Umbilichord' film at the Genesis Cinema on June 2nd 2018. Then a few weeks later 'Undertaker' was filmed with Nicolai Kornum and a different cast (including Chris Watts) with another dark theme!

I subsequently went quiet throughout the following months, some shows getting cancelled. I managed to go see a number of class acts at the Water Rats in London during September, meeting with some old friends. Meeting up with Johnny Normal and a few of the other acts was terrific fun.

Meanwhile behind the scene I was composing, constructing and producing the new album 'Winter' to be released December 2018 & on pre order from 12th October. 

I hope to be journeying about again soon, once more to encounter the epic [IAm] Warface with friends and then a trip out to Eindhoven to catch Johannes Schmoelling & Robert Waters. The end of November I will end up at the 2nd Darkfest event. Another eventful and fulfilling year. I know I will need quietness & focus for what my intentions are for next year. Let's hope it pans out that way!

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