The Journey

1i2c is evolving.

From the day I discovered electronic music, I was hooked. After all, I was going to live in the future and that was where electronic music was going.

I was raised listening to many classical pieces of music as a child in my school, but it was composed, clinical and old.


I liked new and couldn't wait to develop.


I discovered Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. These artists could compose and understood the electronic age.


I didn't just love these guys, Depeche Mode / The Prodigy and Royksopp had a major impact on me also.


Now I'm creating and recognising what the artists above have done to me. I hope I have the ability to inspire others too!

The discography

The Great Distraction

Power Struggle

Horror Show 



I Only Have Eyes For You

Beyond Obsession


It Should Be You



Beyond the Inferno & Bike Obsessed 

merged into 1 album titled 'Beyond Obsession'

with 3 new tracks.

The singles still available only on Bandcamp.


Hammer Blows Single with

Fog Rising extended mix

only available on Bandcamp.


 'Destiny' album features

'Axe Happy' sequel to 'Hammer Blows'


'Alive' Only available on Bandcamp

There is more to come...

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