Shooting a scene for Hammer Blows.



The Destiny album is another change of direction. This album becomes the heaviest yet. It moves into Electro Rock opposed to pure Electronica. There are a total of twelve tracks and the album has been designed to lull you in with a Ballad Intro track that progresses into full power & drive. The tracks remain fluid and constant with flows of dark, raw emotion until the last minutes of the final track where life resumes to normal.

I was recently  asked if I could make a remix of Zero by Screamershock. Liking a challenge and overall enjoying this track I have produced a Hammer Remix!

I Only Have Eyes For You

A real treat of an album. I absolutely got carried away making this album, with many standout tracks. This will be my first album released by Pink Dolphin Records  and is out in June 2017.

Tracks played recently on 'In the Moog' & 'Artefaktor Radio'.

An LP is also available with 2 additional tracks from here: Qrates

Beyond Obsession

Beyond the Inferno & Bike Obsessed merge with 3 brand new tracks to create an electronic experimental album.

Broadcasting with Chris Watts in the Cotswolds April 2017

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