1i2c continues with numerous projects and is alway looking forward.

Resounding feedback is suggesting that I am making music for everyone. Whether you are young, old or inbetween. It doesn't matter about the culture or race, nor does it doesn't matter about your sexuality. The music is conceptual and has been designed to be creative, intriguing, rhythmic and enjoyable. People who enjoy different genres are also drawn in.


Finding tracks that get you in the mood

The albums present an eclectic set of music that can be listened to anywhere, especially when driving or listening with headphones. The idea is to crank up the volume and have a good time.

Inspiration has come about by observations and learning how to manipulate music like an artist applying the paintbrush to canvas. I see the imagery in my mind and get taken along a path, sometimes shrouded with shadows.

I encourage you to select a few tracks and see where the mood takes you. Each album created is set around a theme and each track is a subject of that theme.

Music, a language we all understand. 

I have produced tunes that have no lyrics so the story being told is not restricted in translation.

Thoughts and emotions are shared through the rhythm and beats.

An eternal and universal timeline being created.

I hope that you can connect and be inspired by the music.

Whilst I have the energy, strength & support my musical creations will continue and I hope that I can continue to make music for you to enjoy.

I hope that you can follow my path as I journey onwards? 


What's it all about?
2016 was Electr1i2c...

The year I made music, got heard, met my heroes and made many new friends.

1i2c went on a journey in 2016. Starting with a visit to Berlin in January. An intimate invite to the Anniversary of Edgar Froese passing away last year. Meeting the remaining members of TD and hearing the new work of Thorsten Quaeschning, Ulrich Schnauss & Hoshiko Yamane was an honour.

A few weeks later Loom performed in Berlin and I was back to see and hear past members of TD perform new music from their latest album.

I met Jerome Froese, Johannes Schmoelling & Robert Waters in Budapest in 2012, it was fantastic meeting them again at this show.

It was around this time "The Great Distraction" album was already produced and being listened to.

I was already working on the EP "Beyond the Inferno".

"Inferno" EP was released and I thought I was going to take a break, but immediately after the EP was finished I was working on "Power Struggle". I had so many ideas flowing through me and just continued to work relentlessly through the spring and into summer.

After "Power Struggle" was released, the cycling season was fast approaching and I love this sport. It felt so fitting to create "Bike Obsessed", an EP with music to relate to the sport and make you feel free.

I took a small break in Summer, watched the Tours and then got heavily involved in a subject that I'd loved to read and watch as a young person. What followed was excessive work on the "Horror Show" album. I had fun creating this. I had more time to work on the album than previous and the genre just drew me in.

It was in July I was in contact with Chris Watts, A DJ hosting "In the Moog" on NCCR radio. This guy knows & loves electronic music and plays retro & new music. He impresses with live interviews with people in the business. Since July, Chris has played a few of my tunes over consecutive months and I thank him dearly for supporting me.

The year continued, "Hammer Blows" was released as a video single (starring my daughter and myself in 3 guises!) This video has been watched by over 38,000 people on YouTube and also features on the "Horror Show" album.

As Summer passed, I was invited to an Electronic Show in Hoxton where I got to see many acts, the headline being Wolfgang Flur (Who I shared the stage with briefly). I also attended the Jean-Michel Jarre gig at the 02 to complete seeing another historic icon of the genre.

At this stage I had also completed my longest piece of work a double album called "Time". This was released Christmas 2016.

A big highlight was meeting & seeing John Carpenter on Halloween night. How could you turn this opportunity down? What a gig, what a man.

In between this event I attended another intimate gig at the Good Ship, meeting Chris Watts for the first time and seeing Beautiful Mechanica. On November 5th I met Chris again and got to see, hear and meet with Marsheaux and Rodney Cromwell.

We met up again in December to see the awesome 'I Am Warface.'

Electronic Sound Magazine reviewed the Horror Show album for the Christmas Edition.

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